November 2019 through July 2020

High job growth ~ Opportunities for advancement ~ Long-term career potential ~ High demand

The construction of highways and bridges--heavy highway construction--is an exciting field with higher than average job growth. The demand for a wide variety of road construction craft professions means companies are constantly looking for workers. Heavy highway construction employees are well paid and are part of a thriving U.S. workforce.

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) funds a Pre-Apprenticeship program to train underrepresented and disadvantaged individuals (women, veterans, and minorities) in heavy highway construction to expand the pool of qualified workers for enrollment into the ALDOT On-the-Job Training Program*. The 2019/2020 program will be facilitated by The University of Alabama in Huntsville, in partnership with Calhoun Community College. Instructors from both institutions will deliver the curriculum.


    • Deliver FREE training in pre-employment skills
    • Provide FREE technical training in heavy highway construction
    • Assist participants in acquiring and maintaining employment in the highway construction industry
    • Help participants obtain nationally recognized credentials that will transfer with trainee to any job

The curriculum will teach both the fundamentals of the industry as well as specific skills and knowledge of the heavy highway construction craft.

*Contingent upon completion of this Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Program funded by the Alabama Department of Transportation and administered by The University of Alabama in Huntsville in partnership with Calhoun Community College.